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The company's 2020 technical center quality department selection announcement

According to the "Implementation Measures for the Selection and Appointment of the Deputy Minister of the Quality Department of the Technology Center of Jiurui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Trial)", combined with the actual needs of the quality department of the Technology Center, the technology is now publicly selected and hired for all on-duty staff (including interns) in the society and the company Deputy Director of the Quality Department of the Center. The specific selection plan is announced as follows:

1. Select the target

For all on-the-job staff (including interns) of the society and the company.

2. Selection and Employment Conditions

1. Good ideological and political quality, strong organizational discipline, strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism;

2. Have a certain professional level, familiar with physical and chemical testing (including moisture, net content, specific volume, acidity, solubility, clarity, color, trace metal ions, COD, etc.), biochemical testing (total number of colonies, E. coli, Mold index detection), and issue accurate and true data; familiar with the use and maintenance of large-scale equipment such as high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry, atomic absorption, etc.;

3. Have a certain level of professionalism and management, and have strong language expression skills, communication and coordination skills and problem-solving skills;

4. Have a healthy physique and good psychological quality.

Third, the number of candidates

1 person